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  1. Dan Murphy says:

    Great Blog, COngrats on the Helo story…. Look forward to getting your opinion on the j-20. Looks kinda like the mig 1.42…. I wouldn’t be a military aviation buff if i didn’t also wonder what you thought about aurora or pumpkin seed. Cheers, Dan

    • aviationintel.com says:

      Dan, thanks man! The J-20 was supposed to run this week then this happened, if things quiet down expect the J-20 review early next week.

  2. You may enoy some of my avaiatin photos dating back to the early 40 at my website, or my public album on Face (Called NAval AIr Reserve>). SO interesting photos pf Navy War PLanes. My Dad taught aviation in the Reserve until 83. WHen I was little we’d run outside on the weekend whenDad was flying, because eh’d do sonic booms for us. ALso loved will kick ass for MilkBones!

    • aviationintel.com says:

      Thanks so much! Keep coming back and if you have suggestions for stories please let me know!

  3. WIll Neumayer says:

    Love your blog! It’s on my daily ‘must check’ list. Thanks for the great Bin Laden coverage and other great stuff!


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  7. Amicus Curiae says:

    I don’t know how good a photographer you are, but your writing is top notch. You do enough research to be much more informed than national newsies, and your opinions are well founded…wait, not all of them. Can we talk?

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