I just love these retro aircraft films…

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  1. Ctrot says:

    Is there a reason that the comment I posted here earlier today is now gone?

    • says:

      I have no idea? I never noticed a comment under that post. What was it?

      My apologies, so much spam recently maybe I accidentally deleted it??


  2. Ctrot says:

    I commented on just how many full length aviation, military, history type programs etc there are available for free viewing on YouTube, and how I had recently found the “Plex channel” which I added to my Roku box which allowed me to watch these YT videos on my 56” HDTV while sitting on the couch rather than on a computer screen. If you have a Roku box already the free Plex channel is a must, if you don’t have Roku I highly recommend everyone look into it. It’s the best $50 I’ve spent recently.

  3. Ctrot says:

    Check out YouTube user “BitnikGr”, he has uploaded dozens of hour long programs on Russian aviation history, and more.

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