F-22-lineIt has been a few long days for my programmer, the site has been totally overhauled. It may look very much like it did, but when it comes to stability and security it is light years ahead of where it was. Additionally some new features have been added:

1.) YOU CAN NOW VIEW ARTICLES ON WHITE!- People love or hate the dark appearance of the site, mainly because some readers have trouble with reading the white letters on the dark background. Now you have a choice, just click the “Toggle Theme” buttons in the upper right hand corner of the sidebar to customize the contrast of the site to your liking.

2.) FLICKR WIDGET IS ALIVE!- My latest image uploads are posted on the sidebar once again.

3.) POPULAR POSTS: I have not configured this with the articles I want yet, but because of the simple structure of the site, new viewers get an uneven view of my work. This widget will allow me to post some of my big features that are most popular pieces so newcomers can dive right into the material.

4.) BLOGROLL UPDATES: This week I will be adding a ton of sites to my blogroll. Often times I get asked about what I read daily online, this will give you a better picture of that. I have slacked on it for years, time to catch up.

5.) STABILITY & SECURITY: I was constantly having slow load times, and even outages during peak times, usually driven by current events or interviews. Additionally, the site always had malware popping up or getting hacked with this or that. With our new setup Aviationintel should perform more reliably and much faster. Additionally, Google should start giving this site a break by giving us better search positions. The issues discussed above hampered this over the years.

6.) SUBSCRIBE TO EMAIL UPDATES!: Also on the top right of the sidebar there is a field to enter your email address. This system will shoot you an email whenever I post a new article. Feel free to use the service and let me know if there are any issues with it.

Anyways, this site needed a serious overhaul, with that now finished I can spend more time writing and less time dealing with “WordPress Hell.”

The netcentric piece took a little hit in the move, I have to clean it up all over again, which is not a bad thing because I want to add a few things, but still I wanted to get a couple of light posts up tonight to get things moving…


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  1. Ian Hall says:

    Thank you TY, always required reading. Keep up the good work.

  2. edd says:

    Black text on white baby; BAM! My eyes say thank you very much 🙂

  3. nico says:

    Like the new layout!!!

  4. Reuben says:

    Nice work allways good to see the site get an update 🙂

  5. Tom says:

    Thanks for the toggle for background!

    Maybe I’ll go white background during day, black background at night — could you add 3D for really, really, late at night? 🙂

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