Long week guys, posts to come this weekend. Hang in there with me! So much to talk about…


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  1. Collin says:

    Thank goodness. I had a small panic attack when the site was down.

  2. Shawn says:

    Good to hear. Looking forward to you back story.

  3. mugi2 says:

    I hope one day your webdesign will catch up to your article quality. this site is slow as dirt and ugly as shit. Maybe you should look into a cms system.

    Good luck!

  4. Alex says:


    Ty is running a one man operation, and still managing to put out quality content in a timely manner. Lets not be needlessly critical.

  5. Todd Frohwirth says:

    Yeah, that was pretty uncalled for. I don’t love white text on a black background but otherwise the site looks fine.

  6. AspenTwoZero says:

    Ty, I hope you didn’t take what @mugi2 said personally, this site is awesome and the fact that it sometimes loads slowly just adds to the drama of whether or not there will be new content in a positive, charming way. The navigation has always worked for me, but I do think your photography deserves a much more prominent role. Keep up the good work and disregard the haters.

  7. Rollo says:

    Ty wrote:

    posts to come this weekend. Hang in there with me! So much to talk about

    Ehm, the weekend ended a few days ago and there were no new posts nor in the weekend nor after.
    And the blog was unreacheable for some days before the above post.
    Can we expect just some more “another awesome video” posts to come in the next days? Or maybe there is not “so much to talk about”?

    • says:

      Guys, I have had some stuff I had to get done in my other life and the site went down because of an erroneous copyright complaint, yeah Goddaddy just pulls the site offline if anyone sends them anything. Unreal, could not believe it. It took two days to get them to even allow me to access it. It was over a few pictures I had posted that the photographer not only approved of but we were in great talks about a larger article and an interview for more background. He had direct access to me at any time, and I immediately contacted him by phone and email asking why he would do this and not just ask me to remove them or whatever. No reply ofcourse. This took hours of work to get it back up. Then, honestly I did not feel like sitting on the nerd box for 5 hours writing a post about net centric warfare or whatever and so much of my time had been eaten up just getting it back up.

      I cannot tell you how much work tying all these threads together takes. It is a full time job and then some. Look at what is out there as an alternative? Do these folks, maybe aside from Aviation Week and a couple others in a much more conservative fashion, constantly stake their reputation on connecting the dots, or filling in the blanks for readers? Sites much more popular than mine are constantly wrong, putting up regurgitated info that the writers really do not even understand, or even worse, blowing up small events into ones of cartoonish magnitude that actually retards the discourse on the topic. Honestly, it has been nice giving this site a rest for the last couple weeks. I was frustrated and burnt out. The reality is that the reader pays NOTHING for this information and I will not allow crappy adds and popups to dilute the content. I am working on something that may be big but it is still not a for sure thing regarding the site and my interaction with all of my readers and beyond. We will see.

      Yeah I hate not fulfilling on promises of articles and deadlines, I was just lacking motivation and frustrated with the micro-industry of “defense journalism” as a whole. I even wrote a huge post on this and never published it. In fact I have a bunch of half written posts that I stopped on once I was ready to proof read. It is both a time and motivation factor.

      So to all my readers, thank you for being patient. A few years at this pace without direct compensation will absolutely burn anyone out, and to those who are “upset” that there was not more content being produced over the last few weeks, or that the videos have been a bit more than normal, I tell them you try to do this and see where you are at after a couple weeks of daily content production and hours upon hours on research to make it happen. If anyone wants to hire me full time to do this, then the flood gates will open, otherwise I am constantly distracted. Keep in mind, I also have the photography stuff too on top of normal reality!

      I value my readers to a massive degree. They give me great leads and are so much smarter in the comments area than on other sites. A large part of why I do this is for your readership. So, as I attempt to get back on the horse here, if you want more content and more time invested, do me a favor and forward the site to others. I need to grow my readership. How this site gets less hits than much shallower ones blows my mind. Maybe its search optimization, or maybe this place is just to heavy and deep for most who just want some quick snips about cool jets and ‘cutting edge tech.’ Although they may know of these concepts by going that route they are far from understanding them at their core.

      As for the site design. Man I know some people hate the white on black deal, it is what it is. If this new deal goes through I will have a designer set it up where you can invert the colors or something. But I think the site looks cool and it is simple which allows the content to stand on its own. If someone wants to rebuild it for me pro-bono lets talk haha.

      Thanks again for your patience and ongoing patronage,


  8. George Wilson says:

    Good job on John Batchelor. He was well-prepared as always and you had the right answers. Now that we have entered the third generation of recce-first speed, then stealth and space, now RPVs large and small- who knows what’s next. Look to Israel.

    George Wilson

  9. Hans says:

    I, for one, will always be happy to come back here. Good work, keep it up. At your own leisure…

  10. says:

    Thanks guys! Posting Batchelor segment right now. UPDATE: Site just went under upgrade and made it out alive. Apparently my nerd says it may have been hacked at some point and some BS plugins installed. Checking now to see if we can figure out what is hanging up the load times. It has never been this laggy.


  11. mugi2 says:

    ty: thanks for addressing the performance issues.

  12. aerodawg says:

    Don’t listen to the knuckleheads. I’d rather wait a couple weeks between GOOD articles on a butt ugly site (not that this one is I’m rather fond of it) than see 25 craptastic posts a day on a slick website.

    I come here for the depth of commentary and information not superficial crap.

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