F-35 Dog & Pony Show

The Senate asks for alternatives now that the F-22 production line is almost closed. It’s really amazing that congress is allowed to dictate the weapons we by. I don’t think a senator who has minimal interest in military aviation can grasp the modern concepts of aerial warfare through a system on briefings. Further, who writes the briefs they are given? Imagine the ability of the author or presenter has to form a senators opinion on the weapon system through the information supplied? Further, why don’t we ever hear of a hi-lo mix concept? Why is it always a single alternative not a cocktail of capabilities that make up an affordable alternative?

Mr. McCain’s a war hero and was a pilot in Vietnam, but I don’t think his record on military aviation procurement is really that stellar. I mean it was his doing that delayed the procurement of a new tanker for the USAF a whole decade, which ended in the same basic platform as originally pitched, the KC-767.

Also to be noted here is they say the sustainment costs of an F-35 are higher than an F-16, but lower than the F-22. OK so does it not make logical sense to procure more F-22s and more F-16s to balance the budget as needed?

Common sense finds no home on Capitol Hill.

http://www.aviationweek.com/aw/generic/story.jsp?id=news/asd/2011/05/20/01.xml&headline=Senators Ask For JSF Alternatives&channel=defense

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