I have no clue what it is, but my Facebook news feed on Sundays always delivers some fantastic aviation and military related video content. Today was especially good so I decided to share a few of the highlights with you guys:

Check out this quality video of the A-10 doing what it was put here on Earth to do, maneuver aggressively at low level while tearing crap apart with its GAU-8 30mm “Avenger” cannon! The fact that the USAF is going to can this marvelous machine, at the detriment to our ground combat forces, should be a criminal offense. The Army and Marines should have owned this platform, the USAF will only truly appreciate it when it is rotting by the hundreds in the Arizona sun.

I have said it a million times, Boeing makes one tough bird! Also, note those massive winglets on the 767:

Although it seems the piracy issue off of the Horn of Africa has subsided a bit, it still has not gone away by any means. Currently, an international coalition of warships patrols this area around the clock. Navy-Marine Expeditionary Strike Groups have kept a near constant presence in the area in an attempt to deal with this issue, as well as to monitor the instability in Yemen and other nearby nations. The cost of this joint operation is massive to say the least, and these ships are often only on scene after an incident has occurred. Therefore, I have never understood why security contractors are not embarked aboard the vast majority of merchant ships traversing the area, similar to how bar pilots are used for navigation, as a mandatory precaution. I do realize there are certain international and national laws that pertain to arming merchant ships but these are certainly extraordinary circumstances. Some nations and/or shipping firms may opt out of such a service, but at least the deterrence will be there for would-be raiders, and if enough attempted hijackings are thwarted by gunfire, it may collapse the piracy industry. And yes, I do realize the socio-economic realities that surround this sensitive issue. Regardless of them, this madness has to stop, and the most immediate way of accomplishing that goal is by hardening these fat targets, water jets and a radio just doesn’t cut it.

Anyways, here is a pretty wild video of armed contractors repelling an aggressive attack by pirates. It is amazing how the GoPro concept has revolutionized battle footage.

Check out this little early 1990’s throwback video of VFC-12 and their A-4 Skyhawk aggressors. These guys ruined the egos of many fleet aviators in their antiquated little “scooters.” Today the “Omars,” still based at NAS Oceana, fly the F/A-18A+ Hornet and continue their proud tradition of “punishing the mistakes” of fast jet Naval Aviators.

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  1. Ian Hall says:

    There are masses of former Royal Marines etc working as security contractors ono ships in the Horn of Africa. Indeed some nations put their own marines on their ships- with tragic results as witnessed by the Italian Marines threatened with a long jail term in India.

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