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  1. Bronc says:

    You need to post a picture of an F-35 sitting on a tarmac looking stupid because, you know, out of sarcasm and irony and such.


  2. Nuno Gomes says:

    Sorry for the questions,i know you are busy,but could you give me your opinion on these questions?
    -What is your opinion on the F-20 tigershark?
    -What do you think the US Armed Forces should buy as a manned fighter if the JSF fails?
    -Do you belive that the US will have to buy more 4th gen fighters to make numbers,because of the price of the F-35?

  3. AspenTwoZero says:

    I was really hoping to spend this weekend reading the long-rumored Netcentric Warfare 2.0 piece. Did the Chinese ADIZ disrupt or disprove your thesis?

    • aviationintel.com says:

      I have been watching the ADIZ saga unfold, I think I have a post on it ready to go in my head, it is extremely simple. I see this as a very historic event.

      As for the netcentric piece, I have to add a part about munitions on demand/arsenal ships, which effected another area as well. It is 11k words. Hopefully people will read through the whole thing.
      The DDG-1000 piece will post by tomorrow, it also ended up being larger scope, which is good, as our surface combatants are not just part of an integrated total force, but also deal directly with air defense and long range strike via cruise missiles etc.

      • AspenTwoZero says:

        Thank you for the thoughtful reply, I’m looking forward to all of your forthcoming pieces. Better to put them in the public domain once you’re really sure they’re ready. Your regular readership and commentariat will certainly digest the entirety of the Netcentric piece.

  4. FlightDreamz says:

    Nice shot of the F-14 Tomcat being launched off the catapult. Know the F-14 had the nickname of “turkey” because of the way it comes for a landing with it’s tail working hard to maintain the glide slope. But I never liked that nickname (-shrug-).

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