If we want a country like Pakistan to find Bin Laden, or be abide by basic human rights or keep the damn oil flowing its simple, we set our foreign aid program up like a bonus structure. We should have told Pakistan we will give them 250 million (6 F-16s etc) every year as a retainer for logisitical support with Afghanistan and for sharing basic intel. We will give then an addition 250 million is they allow our drones an spec ops teams to do their thing in the country. If they get Bin Laden we would give them 5 billion up front and an additional 1 billion for the next 5 years after his capture or death. This is how business is done. Bush was a total idiot with foreign aid, especially with Pakistan, basically telling Pakistan that Bin Laden is their golden goose, as long as the hunt continues they are in the chips. Why in the hell would they EVER want us to find him? Quite the contrary if they were SMART they would hide him from us at all costs. Obama is no better at all when it comes to blank checks given to our “friends,” in fact he may be even worse when it comes to this.

It all comes down to PAY FOR PERFOMANCE, don’t pay off these barely legitimate regimes so that we can feel good that they are supposedly our “friend,” because they are not our friend, they are something between a thug and a business partner. We are like the do-good city councilman tying to get a new pier built in HBO seris The Sapranos, getting something done in this region means you have to pay to play with the powers that be, its not pretty but its true. So lets start treating the situation like it is, if you don’t give us what we want you don’t get paid, PERIOD.

So the message should be: here is the wishlist Pakistan, tell us what off the menu you are willing to swallow and we will throw down the credit card ONLY after you have done the deed, otherwise this date is over and you can find your own way home.

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