Hey guys! I mentioned earlier in the week that I had a big announcement to make, so here goes- I have been hired on to the Gawker team to be a military technology editor for a subsite of their incredibly popular auto enthusiast page The new subsite will be called Foxtrot Alpha (you do the math on that one), and it will feature interesting news and my usual commentary on military technology and strategy. I know so many of my readers applaud the independent nature of, but this opportunity will provide a platform for an audience that is truly massive. get’s about seven million hits to the home page a month, and the Gawker community gets exponentially more. Additionally, my Boss over at Jalopnik has given me an incredible amount of control over the content that I post and has been extremely helpful getting me started.

So what does this mean for Aviationintel? Aviationintel will still continue on! I will see how the sites can work together, and eventually if my audience over at Jalopnik and Gawker enjoys the same depth of coverage that I offer here, it may all just melt together. Only time will tell.

My first piece has been posted over at Foxtrot Alpha and is linked below, and by aviationintel reader’s request, it tracks the history of Lockheed’s Advanced Technology Bomber offering, code-named “Senior Peg.” The response has been great so it looks like things are off to a positive start. This position will also allow me to get out and do some on site interviews and base/weapons program visits around the globe. Just this month and next I have some very cool location shoots and interviews lined up, so stay tuned for that. I am also planning on integrating original video content into the site beyond just stills and my usual narrative.

I would greatly appreciate all my Aviationintel readers, who have been so loyal during the good times and the rockier ones, to continue to support what I do by sending me emails for tips, content ideas, or just to chat about our common passion. In fact I need you all more than ever. Also, be sure to take part in the lively discussion section over at Foxtrot Alpha. I want to hear all of your voices.

Here is the link to my first Gawker post:

Cheers, and upward and onward!


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  1. Tom Meyer says:

    Ty – Another AWESOME Article! Why I check your site on a regular basis!!! Keep up the incredible work you do!!! Thanks! Tom

  2. aerodawg says:

    Love the article. Congrats on the opportunity. Maybe you can make Gawker group a better place. My opinion of them is quite low to say the least. A lot of their writers are poor excuses for bloggers, much less the journalists they claim to be….

  3. aerodawg says:

    Secondarily, work internet policies make it impossible for me to comment over there, not that that should be of any concern to you, but it’s mildly irritating for me :p

  4. dama says:


  5. Jetcal1 says:

    Congratulations on reaching a much wider audience.

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