McCain Brings A Voice Of Sanity To The F-35 “Concurrency” Blunder

What the hell is the USAF and the other partner services thinking by trying to fly the F-35 on training missions when the weapon system is still in the earlier stages of rudimentary testing? HOW DID THE DoD EVERY BUY INTO THIS LUNACY? Either this IS the largest SCAM in the history of the DoD, OR our procurement officials and military leadership are much more immature than one could ever imagine. Either way its bad news for our war fighters. Further, what quality of training can be had via flying a machine, that costs tens of thousands per flight hour, totally underdeveloped and fully limited in its flight envelope? Sounds like just more money down the federal commode to me.

McCain’s idea to move initial training to Edwards to the aircraft can be monitored is a great compromise that I think is still to generous. Shouldnt qualified test pilots be flying an aircraft that is deep in developmental testing? The boys at Eglin can continue to fly their F-16s until the aircraft is truly ready for them to make good and efficient use of training dollars. Until then STOP all forms of concurrency as that stupid philosophy got us into this mess in the first place.

*Photo- USAF

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