Sorry it has been slow for a bit, I have been extremely busy with a project that had some very ominous deadlines. Nonetheless, I have been archiving items of interest and working on some saved drafts. Next week should be a great one for Aviationintel. I have a couple pieces almost wrapped, one will be a must read to get everyone up to date on the changing reality of a key tenant of air combat. The drone piece is still on the heater, I am still toying with it. I know, its ridiculous, but I have found writing this piece, which is really an editorial opinion expose that relies on conjecture more than most anything else, has been tough to finalize. It does not have to be so wordy but it ends up being that way. Also, there is a lot of smaller items to catch up on that are all bookmarked and will appear in a news update commentary piece. From new wildly outlandish force cuts potentially looming for the USAF, to new exciting aircraft in development and beyond. So hang with me till next week, then we can dive into some very, very juicy material.

Also, a huge thanks for all the kind words and support since coming back online here. My site traffic was surprisingly great with the last few pieces and considering what is coming, it should only get better. Remember, the best thing you can do to support me and my writing is to share posts in forums, social media and email, send me great content, and comment on the posts that go up. I love hearing from all of you. Aviationintel’s comments section is the smartest, most respectful discourse of any website like it. That is perhaps my most enjoyable aspect of maintaining this little bastion of defense straight talk, the fact that I am talking to some very smart, and professional folks!

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  1. Alex says:

    I look forward to seeing next week’s product. While our opinions don’t always mesh, I do find each piece you put out worthy of close examination. Its great to see you getting fully back into the swing of things. I hope all is well.

  2. AspenTwoZero says:

    Looking forward to next week! Thanks for all you do and for keeping us up to speed on what’s coming soon.

  3. Nuno Gomes says:

    I would like to know your take on the Korean fighter competition…

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