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  1. nico says:

    For now, I find it interesting that China seems to keep the lid on this with just one picture released compared to how many we quickly got on J21, kind of like J31, it has been real quiet on the picture front, interesting game from China…

  2. FlightDreamz says:

    So China is ripping off the Northrop Grumman X-47/X-47B which has been in development (seemingly) FOREVER! Aggravating, with China owning much of the U.S. debt they could become a formidable threat.

  3. Todd Frohwirth says:

    “with China owning much of the U.S. debt”

    No, no, no. China’s purchasing of our “debt” is minute compared to our internal creditors. It actually screws China. Please stop this innacurate meme. Just stop.

  4. FlightDreamz says:

    Quote Todd Frohwirth,“No, no, no. China’s purchasing of our “debt” is minute compared to our internal creditors”
    Perhaps so, but I think we can both agree the U.S. National debt is H-U-G-E! Remember Ross Perot (another Texas wacko) talking about how much our grandkids and great-grandkids out in debt, and that was over two decades ago!!! It’s only gotten worse since then.
    Quote Todd Frohwirth,“It actually screws China.” Well no one wants a trade war, so can’t disagree with you there. Still China HAS made great strides militarily and much of it was on OUR dime. AND China has stolen data from the F-35, and has been reverse engineering russian tech and engines for years. Hopefully they won’t be able to catch up to western aircraft engine tech anytime soon.
    Still reading The China Debt Syndrome NY Times link Todd thoughtfully provided (thanks for that). Happy Thanksgiving to all

  5. Mike says:

    by your logic the French also stole our design…..
    Check out the Dassault nEUROn stealth drone

    • FlightDreamz says:

      @Mike RE:”by your logic the French also stole our design…..”
      Fair point. But I find it somewhat odd myself that China went from domestically produced old (and new with the Su-27) designs to a (seemingly) sophisticated flying wing U.A.V. Just my two cents.

      • Mike says:

        Based on requirements of a shape that’s naturally hard to detect, the form is pretty limited. I don’t remember the name they call the labs that test radar signatures. But it’s like a wind tunnel type lab, and instead of measuring coefficient of drag, or high/low pressure areas, it measure the way radar signals are bounced off an object. And the flat batwing shape is a clear winner every time. Granted this is just measuring the raw shape before any radar adsorbing coating is calculated in. I can’t believe China’s radar adsorbing coatings are better then ours, so they would be forced to relay on shaping the craft even more so then us.
        Also we’re not the first to figure out the batwing design, we stole that deisgn from the Nazi “Horten Ho 229”

      • Mike says:

        BAE System’s Taranis stealth drone also looks the same =D

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