I see some awesome military and aviation related photos daily, but these were the ones that really stood out to me.

This little mind twister is not a Photoshop creation and was taken at Hillsboro Airport here in Oregon by a friend of mine, and the purveyor of the highly popular Aviation-Pictures/Videos/News page on Facebook, Sterling Stroebel. And yes, that is Phil Knight starring at you on the winglet of Nike’s brand new G650.




























9602148244_3a9e37a685_k8743408453_e4771f253f_oUSS George Washington leads the George Washington Carrier Strike Group.Missile Defense Agency FTO-01 Flight TestSailors stand by a during high-speed turn.11240709955_8a60fc086f_o8241625586_66e1e617fc_oU.S. Marines and Civilians of HMX-1 gather for a group photo at the HMX-1 Hanger aboard the Marine Corps Air Facilty on Marine Corps Base Quantico in Quantico, Va., on April 11, 2013. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Sharon Kyle/Not Released)4-25th Spartans conduct Arctic heavy drop operation on sunny Alaskan day1511383_620372111337244_1288137011_n (1)

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  1. Shane says:

    Amazing photos!! Nike must be working on that purported InvisiJet at Groom Lake and HIO. HAHA! The C-130 shot had me thinking “who is operating a fleet of large flying boats!?!??”.

  2. FlightDreamz says:

    Where did you get the F-35B Lightning II night shot? It’s a great photo (no idea who the original author is though). Is it off Lockheed Martin’s Flickr page or somewhere else?

  3. Nuno Gomes says:

    Everything o.k. Ty?
    I would like to know your toughts on the brazillian fighter competition.
    Whats your toughts on the Gripen?
    I hope you will post more …

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