PIGS FLY? Nah Even More Improbable- Ex-Kiwi A-4K Skyhawks Return To The Sky Once Again!

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Draken International has done it, the first of the APG-66 radar equipped ex-New Zealand Air Force A-4k Skyhawks, some of the most advanced ever built, and a gaggle of MB-339 trainers have taken flight. A huge congrats to the folks at Draken, many said the New Zealand A-4K deal was a cursed pipe-dream that nobody could make a reality. It is always great to see someone prove the naysayers wrong. This also marks the first time in known history that a private adversary support aircraft is capable of providing a modern and dynamic air to air (and air to ground/surface for that matter) radar threat profile, which could potentially be an industry game changer. Please take a look at my past piece on Draken International for a background on this intriguing new contender in the increasingly competitive contractor adversary support service provider marketplace:


*Picture courtesy of Draken International

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  1. chriscole38@gmail.com says:

    I was there for Draken Internationals Kiwi day, and it was an amazing experience. Due to the limitations of the tower during Sun n Fun, they were only able to take off, do a break to land, and then landed, with Snort, Jive, and Jarrod at the controls of the aircraft. Then they had open hanger, we got to walk through maybe, 50 percent of the facility, due to most of it being blocked off, but you could see Mig-21’s, MB-339’s, and A-4 Skyhawks as far as the eye can see.

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