It is simply amazing just how fast this machine went from unknown, to acknowledged, to flying. I believe that you will see a much higher paced test regime and evaluation process with this aircraft than its larger counterpart, the J-20. Why so? Because I truly believe that this aircraft will be China’s attempt at a “breakout” product on the international jet fighter market. Further, this machine, like its more capable F-35 doppelganger, will be be built in large quantities and very well migrate into a carrier variant.

So now it appears that we have the missing piece in China’s response to America’s F-35 – F-22 team. It really is an amazing accomplishment for a country that 15 years ago was viewed to have been in the aerospace dark ages compared to the West. Let’s just hope that a bat winged long range bomber does not show up next in some grainy photos with goofy watermarks…

Make sure to read my initial detailed analysis on the J-21/J-31/F-60 in full at the following link:

















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  1. from china says:

    I`m suprised to see there is a post about the J-31 here. in china, we get informations on military bbs.where did you got those information?can you read chinese?

    • says:

      From China- No I cannot read Chinese but I know folks who can ; )

      thanks for visiting and congrats on the new fighter aircraft design.

  2. Bailey says:

    More than where the photos came from… a better question might be where did the technology for building the plane come from? So little we remember…..

  3. Charley A says:

    The nozzles seem to be asymmetric in the “Top 81” photo – is that an illusion?

    • says:

      Charley- Thanks for pointing this out. Could be a few things, an actuation issue with the feathers or the loss of the powerplant’s ability to make power. It was a VERY short flight so…

      Looks like they are flying her with RD-33s

  4. matthew says:

    Top 81 is a military BBS in china.

  5. Del says:

    Well now. How much of this aircraft’s design was stolen from the hallways of Lockheed-Martin and Pratt & Whitney? I think the answer’s obvious, given the mirror image quality of this aircraft to the F-22.

  6. Joel says:

    I am absolutely happy as a Singaporean of Chinese descent,grandpa came to Singapore from Chaozhou. I’m loyal Singapore citizen, and also pro China. Congratulations to all Chinese people in China, Singaporean citizens of ethnic Chinese descent, and people of Chinese ancestry all over the globe. I knew China can deliver. Keep it up, I’m happy that China can safeguard its ordinary people. God bless China.

  7. william todd says:

    It’s too bad that china has to copy US design thru cyber espionage and outright theft. The similarities of the J-20 to the F-22 are far too similar not to be the result of such activities. Obviously China is unable (at least at this time) to develop such on her own. It’s almost hilariuous were it not for the fact that the US must now build a better mousetrap to keep its edge. It will definitely do so, rest assured. The sixth generation design is probably already flying at night in preliminary testing. This chinese copy may look like an F-22 but I doubt if it will have the same avionics/network/software/ target and threat processing capabilities. Some things have not yet been copied.

  8. bob jones says:

    The J-31 is similar to the F-22/35, but I don’t think anyone who could put the canard J-20 and conventional F-22 in the same sentence have any idea of what the concept of “similar” is, aerodynamically the two are more different than F-22 is to the ME262

    As for where the technology came from, keep in mind the chief scientist of the American YF-23, the competitor of the F-22, was Chinese, and there are no shortage of Chinese scientists working for the US if you spent any time in the aerospace sector, when your country relies so much on importing foreign, and a large part Chinese brainpower to develop your own technology, you shouldn’t be surprised the country you relies for your knowledge workers have the same knowledge.

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