Aviation Week by and large does a fantastic job reporting on the aviation and military technology world, and today’s piece on Russia’s constellation of emerging weapon systems produced to mainly counter western combat aircraft concepts is worth reading. Of notable mention is Russia’s VHF band radars, which could very well mitigate costly low observable (stealth) shaping on American 5th generation fighters, which are mainly optimized for X and K band radars. So get up to date with Moscow’s view on modern air combat strategy and read the piece linked below:,%20Missiles%20For%20Countering%20Stealth&next=10

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  1. Ctrot says:

    Kopp and Sweetman are not what I would call unbiased sources.

    Kopp is the founder of the “Air Power Australia” website that is for the most part dedicated to attacking the F-35.

    Sweetman was suspended from covering the F-35 for a time by Av Week due to sophomoric anti-Lockheed comments he posted on his personal FB page.

    • says:

      I think that piece was not highly biased, it was more informative than anything else.

    • says:

      Kopp has emailed be and I have done the same in the past. I do not agree with APA’s stance on the severity of their aversion toward the F-35, but still he works very hard at backing that view by data, well thought through opinions, and research. A good diverse menu of views is great to have so that folks can educate themselves and come up with their own opinions.

  2. David says:

    It is horrible to watch the long-term security of the U.S. be compromised by terribly-run defense acquisition programs, it is even worse to see other countries gaining a strategic edge from our failings. The F-35 will be the death of America’s air superiority if Russia can field a comparable bird at 1/3 the cost. There is no point in having the latest aircraft technology if we can’t afford to fly or train in it.

  3. Ruthless Canadian says:

    Just for the sake of curiosity… does anybody know what’s the development status of VHF band radars, passive radars and such in the US or any other NATO countries? We’re constantly talking about 5th-gen airplanes and their stealth capabilities, but as the story of the sword and the shield goes, there’s still a lot of room for improvement in the field of detection, as the Russians are demonstrating.

    Considering that China and Russia are taking their first (big) steps towards a stealth capability (PAK-FA, J-20), it would be wise to work on this too. I’m pretty sure that quite a bit has been done from the very moment Pave Blue was conceived. I guess this kind of capability would be developed under a shroud of secrecy at least as tight as for the stealth systems.

    • says:

      Hard to really tell Ruthless, other countries are interested in it heavily. Passive systems that even use ambient radiation in the environment, such as cell phone networks, have even been mentioned. Maybe this needs to be a future post. Also, high power AESA tech also has certain anti-stealth features in that they can scan a certain sector with very high power tight beams looking for targets. Is it a LO antidote, no way, but it would increase a LO targets detection range without a doubt. More on this in a piece coming next week that I have been working on for months (now I actually have to write it, NOOOO!)…

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