The Donald Fired The CH-47 Chinook In 1991!

The Donald flew a few of these bad boys as a shuttle service mainly between NYC and Atlantic City in the late 80’s. By 1991 the recession had hit and he unloaded his fleet to Columbia Helicopters. Got to give it to the Trumpster, that is one badass looking helo!

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3 Responses to The Donald Fired The CH-47 Chinook In 1991!

  1. James Wahs says:

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  2. ddl says:


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  3. petpad says:

    Nice! I actually got that picture from Chief Pilot Joe Ferrante in Linden NJ in Fall of 1990 when looking for a pilot job at Trump Air. They weren’t hiring and were on the way out. I scanned it years later and sent to the main Chinook army site, and now here it is again! Sold the photo on EBay about 8 years ago for about 20 bucks!

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