I know it has been slow around here, but I have been working daily on the big Netcentric Warfare 2.0 piece. I wanted to create something like nothing else I have read. As always, I strive to give you the whole cake, not just frosting as almost every other similar information source provides. Side note: I think I will take a hammer to my computer if I see another “defense journalist” headline a piece with the words “Badass” or “Super-Cool!” I get it, they are after the casual reader, but man it is like an outbreak of articles with these types of low-brow “attention grabbing” titles right now. It just cheapens the material, then again, the material is usually pretty cheap so…

Back to the netcentric warfare piece: I lost some changes in the site migration and upgrade, but I am happy to say it was for the better. I was able to reach a little further into the unmanned subject matter than I anticipated, which is ideal for what is coming down the road. I am doing some final pass editing now and it should be up within a day or so. I really hope you all like it, I think it really paints a broad picture of an area of air combat that is vastly misunderstood or simply set aside due to a lack of information.

As for the new changes to the site, it looks like everything is working perfectly now which is a HUGE relief for me after months of fighting constant issues with the site and the host, which just torpedoed my time management. I will get the top posts and blogroll widgets updated once this big piece goes up. Then it will back to regular updates before I begin work once again on the “realities of drone warfare development” piece I have been floating for months. I figured I could not finish that one without my readers being on the same page when it comes to netcentric warfare. Without this piece coming first, I feel their would have been almost a total a lack of the essential conceptual building blocks needed to base my claims. Sort of a cart before the horse kind of thing. The other good news is that due to the detail I was able to include in its predecessor, the drone piece is totally manageable now. I have outlined it 5 times and each time I thought it was simply to much to swallow for one read. So instead of 9k words it will be more like 4.5k words. Anyways, thanks for hanging in there with me, and sorry for the delay on posting the piece, it is a monster of a project, and I wanted it to be all that it could be. In the meantime check out this sweet video of an MD-80 doing a flyby of a stadium in South Africa!


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  1. Kody says:

    I can’t wait for this piece, keep up the excellent work!

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