Hey guys here are the links to what has been going on over at Foxtrot Alpha, make sure to bookmark it as I will be posting other there primarily for a bit, although I may be back at aviationintel full time if things don’t work out, so please bear with me!

U.S. To Bolster Air Defense Along Russian Border: What That Means

Did A Decade Old Russian Flight Sim Predict The Invasion Of Crimea?

You Have $4 Million, Do You Buy A Bugatti Veyron SS Or MiG-29UB?

Mil Porn: Night Rangers

Mil Porn: Canyon, Or Should I Say Crevice Flying In A Hellenic AF F-4

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  1. Richard says:

    It did not take any particular intelligence to realize that Russia would want to retake their Soviet era Black Sea ports as soon as possible.

  2. esmoore5 says:

    “I will be posting other there primarily for a bit, although I may be
    back at aviationintel full time if things don’t work out, so please bear
    with me!”

    If things *do* work out, what happens to this site?

    • aviationintel.com says:

      Esmoore, hey buddy! If things do work out Aviationintel will still work as an archive o sorts that can be reactivated at any given time. The same content that would go here will go to Foxtrot Alpha, I need to warm new viewers up and luckily there are very receptive. PLEASE come over to the new site and participate.

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