Just buy a damn aircraft already! Its a turboprop light attack and observation aircraft destined for another country for goodness sake, not a stealth bomber. The Brazilian built Embraer Super Tucano is better suited for Afghan use than the AT-6. If the USAF were to buy these for our services directly than the Hawker AT-6s commonality and familiar cockpit configuration may be the right airplane for the job. The Super Tucano is larger, features internal guns, is a battle proven and hardened machine that has flown in austere combat environments around the world. In all reality, the USAF needs to weigh it’s priorities here. Is nitpicking which airframe to buy the right course when we are trying to get out of Afghanistan as soon as possible? The Afghans will need an organic counter insurgency and precision strike platform after we leave, so lets get iron on the ramp now and start training pilots. The opportunity cost of fumbling around with selecting an airframe are monumental. Once again, those in the Pentagon’s bureaucratic bubble cannot not see the forest for the trees.,%20No%20Full%20Re-do

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  1. William Wilgus says:

    It’s just great that one of the two companies that will be allowed to bid is in financial trouble. Way to go, U.S.!

    • says:

      Yeah, not good. Sad that the one that is one the edge is the “American choice,” although that is not entirely true as Sierra Nevada group will be the prime contractor for Embraer here in the states and the aircraft will be assembled in Florida. As for the T-6, we must remember that it is a license copy of the Swiss PC-9.

  2. nico says:

    That the fraking USAF can’t figure out how to buy a stinking light weight trainer/light attack prop just goes to show how much USAF leadership is brain dead and needs to be replaced. And we are supposed to trust them when it comes to JSF, KC46 and future bomber???

    • says:

      What decent sized program has been ran fairly according to plan and budget? None that I can think of. This is a disease with the largest symptoms being timeline and price denial from day 1.

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