I have had so many videos sent into me over the last few months that I think I have to post at least a few of the best.

Three F-35s working behind a KC-130:

36th FS glory over South Korea (B-2 escort included!):

Russian Navy Hovercraft takes on a beach packed with people! I love this one, Imagine if this happened in Santa Monica with a US Navy LCAC??!??! Then again I have always had a real love and fascination with hovercraft I guess…

The monster hovercraft involved is a rare Zubr-Class LCAC. They are the biggest hovercraft in the world with like 5,000 square feet of deck space and can hit 60mph+ at full throttle. These suckers have a range of over 250 miles when laden with over 110,000lbs of gas. They are really multi-role platforms that can lay mines and even provide short range air defense along with hauling massive amounts of hardware an troops (like 8 marine tanks and up to 500 troops!). The Zubrs are also unique in that they were exported to a NATO ally, Greece. These huge air battering levitators are also heading into service with the Chinese Navy, which will operate a few of them by the end of this year.

Spectacular static discharge as a E-8C attempts to aerial refuel:

High security boarding onto an E-4B! Amazing at the speed of action here…

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2 Responses to VIDS!

  1. esmoore5 says:

    That E-8C vid looked spooky. I hope that static electricity doesn’t cause
    anything combustible to happen.

    Aerial refueling can be rather tricky sometimes:

  2. Chris says:

    Saint Elmo’s Fire like that is perfectly normal. That’s one of the things I miss about the KC-135. Seeing cool stuff like that. The KC-10 has discharge antennas on the trailing edges of the rudders and elevators for the boom so it won’t get Saint Elmo’s Fire 🙁

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