The ex-SEAL Team Six operator, and apparently the second commando in the “stack” heading up to Bin Laden’s 3rd floor bedroom, claim’s in his book “No Easy Day” that the terror mastermind was shot in the head as he peeked around the corner while the SEALs were making their way up the staircase. Once the squad of operatives entered the bedroom, just moments after the burst of suppressed fire impacted Bin Laden’s head in the stairwell, the commandos threw a pair of wailing women off of him and pumped multiple rounds into his still writhing body to finish the job. Two weapons were said to be in the room, both unloaded and untouched, which is not surprising seeing how Bin Laden was living in a massive bunker-like estate within a few football fields of Pakistan’s equivalent to West Point. He never planned on being caught, he was so deep into Pakistani territory and probably had assurances from factions within Pakistan’s intelligence apparatus that he would be alerted to possible American operations in the area. Further, these high ups seem to never fight back, they see themselves as CEOs and send the desperate, brainwashed, and retarded to do their fighting for them.

This account of Bin Laden’s last moments differ from the ever-changing version that was disclosed and/or leaked from the White House and the DoD shortly after the raid. One where the SEALs burst into the room as Bin Laden held one of his wives as cover unwillingly, or his wife shielded him from the imminent onslaught willingly, or one where he was leaping for a loaded AK-47 nearby when the SEALs let him have it. All featured loaded AK-47 in the bedroom to the best of my knowledge. So why does this even matter? Because right before a crucial election cycle, one where the sitting President will hang his re-election hat firmly on the killing of the worlds most hated villain, a first hand account stating how the American people were lied to for propaganda’s sake will do him no good. Additionally, this book seems to be very anti-Obama and Biden, apparently with damning accounts of personal interactions shortly following the raid. Finally, “No Easy Day” may make certain parts of the upcoming should-be blockbuster “Zero Dark Thirty” inaccurate before the movie is even released. Not to worry, the author of “No Easy Day” is apparently already in talks with Steven Spielberg for movie rights…

Stay tuned for further developments, the book drops September 4th, so September 5th should be a very busy day here at Aviationintel.com.


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  1. Mark says:

    I was critical of the president releasing info and I feel releasing the info by the seal,even for a different reason is wrong. None of this crap should come out until years after an event.

    • aviationintel.com says:

      Yeah, good point though, if the WH basically disclosed large parts of this raid that are sensitive how can they really prosecute this guy (not technically but morally?)

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