Wherever you stand on the politics behind the Animal Planet’s mega hit show “Whale Wars,” the show is throughly entertaining. The part about it that is so interesting is that the tactics and dilemmas both sides are confronted with are all similar to those found during naval conflicts of the pre-Cold War age. It’s all about finding the enemy and engaging them at close range. A strange homage to the days when the cannon fire and “crossing the T” were actually key sea warfare tactics!

The Sea Shepherds have relied on a little Schweitzer 300 and recently a Little Bird for over the horizon searches. This is obviously super dangerous because if the helicopter were to ditch into the Antarctic water, miles away from the Sea Shepherd fleet, the pilot would be an ice-cube in a matter of minutes. Every year both sides introduce some seriously hardcore new technology and this year it looks like small UAVs are the “silver bullet” weapon of choice for Captain Watson and his often greenhorn crew.

If you have never watched, regardless of your stance on whaling, please give it a shot. There truly is a little sea battle that happens down in iceberg land every year, and to put it frankly it’s just fascinating to behold…


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