25969-mathilda-southern-breeze-khalidia-nadineTycoon turned felon Jason Belfort, the inspiration for Martin Scorsese’s recent dark romp “The Wolf Of Wall Street,” was incredibly proud of his 167 foot long vintage yacht “Nadine.” Originally built in the early 1960s for fashionista Coco Channel, the yacht had undergone a serious structural upgrade, adding some 30 feet to its length, by the time Belfort got his hands on it in the early 1990s. Under his purview, the ship was renamed from “Big Eagle” to “Nadine,” Fraudster, Jordan Belfort (R) with friends before a helicopter fafter his second wife who was most known for her work in beer commercials.

Once the stern had “Nadine” painted on it the ship began to accumulate  toys at a rapid rate. Waterslides, jet skis, high-speed boats and other party favors were packed onboard. Yet the most prominent of these luxuries were Belfort’s Bell 206 JetRangerIII and a futuristic kit-built “Seawind” seaplane. The Seawind in particular was fairly unique as it was said to be powered by an Allison C-18 turbine engine pushing a cut down three blade prop. Seeing as every Seawind I have seen has been piston powered, this thing must have been extremely fast, which makes sense considering who owned it!

By the time Belfort’s days as a corporate golden boy were coming to an end, “Nadine” looked more like it belonged on a middle school boy’s bedroom wall then on “Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous.” leo_article_story_mainApparently, the ship was the talk of the yachting community when she pulled into port, as the amount of frivolous toys per linear foot was unheard of at the time, if not bordering on totally absurd.

The “Nadine” sank off the coast of Palma in June 1997 during a bad storm, with the Italian Coast Guard rescuing all of the crew and passengers. Apparently all those toys may have helped in her sinking, as one of the watercraft lashed down on the bow broke loose and smashed through the forward saloon windows causing “Nadine” to take on water at a fatal rate.

In the end Belfort’s downfall was that he literally wanted it all… Apparently this included his own aircraft carrier, air force and navy!

Click here to see what “Nadine” looked like inside, or at least before she sunk in the Mediterranean!


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